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Live drawings by Flash Rosenberg (June 2018)

From our June 13, 2018 showFlash Rosenberg‘s live sketches, drawn in real-time, based on advice given by audience members and the performers. See more of Flash’s work here.

Advice given by Samuel Ferri, R. Sikoryak, Meg Sweeney Lawless, Kriota Willberg, Kevin Maher, Josh Bayer, Flash Rosenberg, Carolita Johnson,  Carolita (per Hammie The Dog), and audience members: Miriam, Jerry, Angela, and Amanda.

“Terms and Conditions: Live” photos

Photos from the complete performance of TERMS AND CONDITIONS: LIVE at Dixon Place on April 5, 2017. Projections by R. Sikoryak, music by Brian Dewan, and voices by Paul Boocock, James Godwin, M. Sweeney Lawless, and R. S.   (Photos by Tom Henning.)

Audience drawings from Carousel: The Political Show

At our last Carousel, The Political Show on October 26, we invited the audience and performers to draw one or more of the presidential candidates, either real or imagined.  These were projected during the show. Here are some of the drawings:


Carousel for Kids in the news


Carousel contributor Kevin McCloskey wrote an in-depth overview of our November 14th show, Carousel for Kids, on his Illustration Concentration blog. Features lots of photos, too:

Photo by Kevin McCloskey, featuring Neil Numberman and R. Sikoryak.

Photos from Carousel: April 30, 2015

Thanks to everyone for coming to the CAROUSEL on April 30!  Here are a few photos from the show.


R. Sikoryak introduces the guests.


Sam Gross explains how to stage a booger cartoon.


Jason Little presents his new graphic novel Borb. 


Patrice Miller dances to the comics of Marion Fayolle.


Carolita Johnson shares her “female-y cartoons.”


Eric Drysdale tells a loose narrative with his vast collection of 1950s 3D photography (glasses required).


Marguerite Van Cook & James Romberger read from The Late Child and Other Animals (Fantagraphics).


Sasha Velour takes us out with a song by Shirley Bassey.

All photos by John Beaman.

“Masterpiece Comics Theater” photos

Masterpiece Comics Theater” on June 14 with Ryan Andes, Julie Klausner, M. Sweeney LawlessSteven Rattazzi, & R. Sikoryak at The Brick. Photos by Tom Henning.

Two more shows with rotating casts on June 17 & 21. Info and tickets, visit

For discount tickets at $12, use the code: MPCOMICS

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