Carousel @ MOCCA Fest, April 2, 2023

Carousel returns to the MoCCA (Comic and Cartoon Art) Festival this Sunday, April 2.

Live comics readings and visual performances by exhibiting artists and guests. 
Julia Gfrörer
Paul Kirchner
Kate Lacour
Jane Mai 
Sanika Phawde
Hosted by R. Sikoryak 

Sunday, April 2, 2:30pm Room 1. MoCCA Programming is at the SVA Flatiron Gallery, located at 133 West 21st Street, just steps away from the exhibitors.

Day and weekend tickets are available for purchase online and in-person.

Tickets and more info:

Artist bios:

Julia Gfrörer is the creator of numerous upsetting graphic novels, zines, and minicomics, most recently Vision published by Fantagraphics Books, and Devotion and The Thuban Press Guide to Analog Self-Publishing under her own Thuban Press imprint. She lives on Long Island with her partner, the writer Sean T. Collins, and their children.

Paul Kirchner has been doing comics since the 1970s for High Times, Heavy Metal, Screw, and other outlets.

Kate Lacour is an award-winning taxidermist and cartoonist living in New Orleans.

Jane Mai is an embarrassing gremlin.

Sanika Phawde is an illustrator, educator, cartoonist and reportage artist born and raised in India and based between Providence and New York City. Through autobiographical comics, zines, graphic novels, visual essays, drawings on location, gouache paintings and illustrated interviews with members of their local community, Sanika’s work strives to capture and communicate instances of emotional connection and intimacy, queer immigrant culture and conversations people have over meals.






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