Carousel: October 19, 2019 @ Dixon Place

Dixon Place presents

Comics Performances and Picture Shows, hosted by R. Sikoryak. 
Live readings and projections of graphic novels, cartoons, 
and other visual art, plus live music and drawing.
Emily Flake 
Jeff Lewonczyk
Jason Little
Lale Westvind
Music by Jascha Hoffman 
Live drawing by R. Sikoryak
Plus voices by Pete Boisvert, Hope Cartelli, and Rebecca Comtois
Saturday, Oct 19, 2019 at 7:30 pm
Dixon Place, 161A Chrystie Street (btwn Rivington & Delancey), NYC
In the Lounge  Free admission!

Emily Flake is a cartoonist, writer, illustrator, and performer living in Brooklyn, NY. Her work appears regularly in the New Yorker, as well as the Nib, MAD, and other fine (or fine-ish) publications. She is the author and illustrator of Mama Tried: Dispatches From the Seamy Underbelly of Modern Parenting, a book of cartoons and essays about parenthood. She co-hosts a quarterly parenting-themed comedy show with NPR host Ophira Eisenberg; the title of the show is not printable in a family publication, but rhymes with Mittshow. 
Jascha Hoffman is a singer and songwriter in Brooklyn. With a lyrical voice that has been compared to Paul Simon and Leonard Cohen, Jascha writes intimate songs packed with “language that lets us see humans at their most human.” His 2015 album The Afterneath was inspired by the obituaries section of the New York Times, for which he once wrote, and praised in American Songwriter as “a remarkable album and great achievement.” At Carousel he will be presenting an “open song”, a wholly improvised composition that will be accompanied by a live sketch by R. Sikoryak. 
Jeff Lewonczyk is a recovering playwright and aspiring cartoonist who lives in Brooklyn. His children’s holiday comedy Bethlehem or Bust has been performed in schools across the country, and his illustrated travelogue “I Went To India, and All I Brought You Were These Lousy Cartoons” has been featured in publications ranging from Buzzfeed to the Hindustan Times. Visit his website at
Jason Little is the author of The Vagina and Borb. He teaches cartooning at the School of Visual Arts.
Lale Westvind is the author of Grip, Hot Dog Beach and over a dozen other comic books. Her energetic depictions of movement and sci-fi possibilities have been featured in Best American Comics, Kramers Ergot and Lagon Revue. 






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