The Brick’s Comic Book Theater Festival, June 2014

ComicBookTheaterFestival-imageThe Brick presents: The Comic Book Theater Festival Issue #2

June 3 – 29, 2014    The Brick, 579 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11211

Featuring shows by Carousel alumni Jason Little (3D Comics Alive!), Dean Haspiel (Switch to Kill), Matthew Thurber (Mining the Moon), and R. Sikoryak (Masterpiece Comics Theater), plus much, much more.

Comics are sometimes called “sequential art” – stories that unfold across time over the course of multiple images. This definition also applies to the art of theater – and with so much in common, it makes sense that the two should team up. After a successful first installment in 2011, the Comic Book Theater Festival is coming back to The Brick for “Issue #2” in June 2014. Get ready for a new crop of shows that explore the intersection of the panel and the stage, the live and the drawn, the ink and the actor.

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