“Struggling Cartoonist” show, Feb. 11, 2014

R. Sikoryak and a few Carousel alumni will be in this performance and exhibit:

An artshow about cartoonists and other mediums
Curated by Adriano Moraes and Christine di Tolvo

Struglling Cartoonist logo

A show about cartoonists and the other mediums they work with. You will see how comic book art influences works of theater, film, set design, sculpture, live performance, music, street art, animation, graphic design, burlesque, origami and more.

The artists in the show are Arlen Schumer (The Silver Age of Comic Book Art), R. Sikoryak (Masterpiece Comics), Danny Hellman (Legal Action Comics), Mac Mcgill (World War 3), Kurt Christenson (Power Play, Gowanus Pete) , James Romberger (7 Miles A Second), Bill Roundy (the Amazing Adventures of Bill, Anything That Loves), Ken Wong (Origami Comics), Vishavjti Singh (Sikhtoons), Joe Heaps Nelson (Police Brutality Coloring Book), Jared Gwniewek (Scary-Oke), Allan David, Ellen Lindner (The Black Feather Falls), We Paint collective (Muffin Man, Zera and Brane), Hanna Jaeun, Mark Staff Brandl, Mark Lerer (The Little General), Javier Cruz (The Learning Curve), Sharon Ma, Karl Kotas (Transgendered Jesus), Jenny DevilDoll Gonzalez-Blitz (World War 3), Isabella Bannerman (Six Chicks), Adriano Moraes (Baron Munchausen), Forest Allread and Ami Gorgoroso.

The exhibit opens Febuary 11 and runs until March 11, 2014.
It is being produced by Theater for the New City Gallery, 155 First Avenue (corner with 10th street).
The opening and performance is on February 11.
Spoken word by Kurt Christenson, slideshows by R. Sikoryak and Mac McGill, visual presentation by Arlen Schumer, animations by Adriano Moraes, poetry by Vishavjti Singh, electronic music by JennyGonzalez-Blitz, Eric Blitz & La Femme NatalComics, zines, prints and other merch will be sold.

Admission is free.  Wine and food will be served.  More info here.






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