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Carousel for Kids: video clips

Here’s a casual clip of R. Sikoryak drawing, from our last Carousel for Kids show on November 2.  It was spontaneously shot by Brian McLane from the audience!  The audio is a little quiet, particularly the music track, but you can hear the kids popping bubble wrap (a prop from Sam Henderson‘s slide show, earlier in the program).


And here’s another clip of Sam Henderson, from the same show.

We’re planning a number of shows for next year, and the first one will be at Dixon Place on Wednesday, January 8.  Stay tuned for more info.

Carousel covered on The Beat

Nice article on our February show at the comics culture blog The Beat.  Thanks to Dre Grigoropol for the coverage and photos!

One clarification in the story: while we do about four shows a year at Dixon Place, we usually do around ten shows at various locations each year.

Speaking of which, more shows are coming soon…


Carousel in the Media

A few articles about our shows, on paper and on the web, from 2012:


A feature on Carousel appeared in the great Canadian hybrid-arts magazine Carousel (no relation). The 29th issue, dated Summer-Fall 2012, also features articles and comics by Claire Horsnell, David Boswell, Michael DeForge, Magda Trzaski, and much more.  Buy it here.



Frequent Carousel contributor Sam Henderson wrote an article for The Comics Journal, “Comics Aren’t Just For Eyes Anymore,” on the proliferation of cartoon slide show readings.  He touches on a number of the precursors and current practitioners of the format.


An interview with R. Sikoryak about last month’s BCGF/Brick show appeared in The Brooklyn Paper.

Thanks to Claire Horsnell, Sam Henderson, and Chuck O’Donnell for the coverage!

“Comic New York: A Symposium” Videos

On March 24 and 25, the Comic New York Symposium brought together creators and academics to discuss the intertwined histories of American comics and the town where they were born: New York City.

Many Carousel artists participated, including Emily Flake, Dean Haspiel, Ben Katchor, R. Sikoryak, Lauren R. Weinstein, and Julia Wertz.

Videos of all the presentations can be seen here.

Carousel Confidential

Carousel will return with several shows this fall: two at Dixon Place and one at New York Comic Con, as well as an appearance by R. Sikoryak on “Comics and Performance” at ICAF.  Details to follow soon.

In the meantime, here’s a short clip of Jack Kirby narrating the origin of Captain America, from the film Comic Book Confidential:

R. & R.O.

New York’s great Strand Book Store has frequently featured cartoonists reading their work – including Carousel stalwarts such as Michael Kupperman, Kim Deitch, and Tim Kreider.  Their presentations and many, many more can be seen here.

On the release of their Drawn & Quarterly books in 2009, R.O. Blechman and R. Sikoryak spoke as well.  Their 5-part talk can be found here.

Clips from 2010

Brian McLane shot this video from our September 15, 201o show at Dixon Place.  It features excerpts from Dale Goodson, Laurie Sandell, Danny Hellman, John KovaleskiJason Roeder & Ted Travelstead (of The Association for the Betterment of Sex), Emily Flake, and me.  Thanks, Brian!

Note: for mature audiences. Parental discretion advised.

When Nick met Carousel

Dave Roman has posted a short history of the slide shows that he, Chris Duffy, and I organized for Nickelodeon Magazine over the years.   Here’s our promo card from the 2006 San Diego Comic-Con: